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Top 7 Highest Converting Shopify Themes in 2023

Shopify is the world’s leading e-commerce platform, and they provide hundreds of interactive themes so you can find the highest converting Shopify theme for your business’s needs.

However, searching through and trying out all of these themes is time-consuming, and if you’re anything like me, you don’t want to waste any of that. So, in order to expedite your search, I’ve compiled an in-depth list of the highest converting Shopify themes, both free and paid. With that said, here we go!

1. Retina — Best for Quality Photos

Retina is the best solution for brands with a large collection of high-quality photos and allows you to utilize those photos to grab and convert users’ attention.

Another huge plus is the ability to upload videos to your homepage, with can help reduce your bounce rate and stand out from the crowd. If you have good photography skills, this theme will be the best choice for your business.

Pricing: $180

2. Brooklyn — Best Free Theme

This is the first of three free themes featured on this list. Brooklyn offers an attractive layout, especially for apparel businesses.

This theme comes in two varieties, allowing you to continue to stick out from the bunch, even with a free theme. If you’re new to Shopify or are running on a low budget, Brooklyn is the way to go!

Pricing: Free

3. Empire — Best for Large Catalogs

Empire is a great theme for businesses with a lot of products and provides a layout similar to Amazon. This makes it ideal for general stores or developed brands with a large catalog.

This theme works wonders for organizing large selections and is featured in 3 different varieties to best suit your brand. If you have north of 70 products or are running a general store, consider Empire as your next theme.

Pricing: $180

4. Fashionopolism — Best for Apparel

While Brooklyn is a great, and affordable solution for apparel businesses, Fashionopolism takes the cake when it comes to converting traffic. Fashionopolism provides a sticky menu, reducing the likelihood of customers clicking away.

Fashionopolism also comes in four templates, giving you huge room for customization. Another important note is the abundance of opportunities to showcase your clothing and images, making this another good theme if you have photography skills.

Pricing: $140

5. Minimal — Best Minimalist Design

Minimal provides a clean and crisp interface, so your customers can focus on what’s important. The simple design ensures customers can navigate your store with ease, reducing the number of customers clicking away from your page.

The best part is it’s completely free, so you can try it out with no risk. If you have strong page content, and a sense of design, this store can be incredible for your conversion rate.

Pricing: Free

*The next two aren’t in Shopify’s theme library, but can be downloaded easily, and uploaded to your store.

6. Ella — Highest Rated Theme

Ella has received the greatest reviews on ThemeForest, and with good reason. This theme is incredible for modern brands and has a beautiful home page layout.

With over 6,000 conversions on this theme, it’s safe to say this is the best theme if you’re looking for social proof, and it’s also the cheapest of the paid themes!

Pricing: $56

7. Debutify — Best for One-Product Stores

Debutify claims to have the highest converting layout on the market, and it provides loads of customizations you wouldn’t find in other themes, making it good for shaping your brand.

This free theme is especially appealing to stores selling a single product, as you can deeply shape the pages of the product. So, if you have a one-product store or even a niche store, I suggest trying Debutify!

Pricing: Free

What is the highest converting Shopify theme?

The answer depends greatly on your industry, products, budget, and much more. Unfortunately, there is no holy grail of Shopify themes that’ll quadruple your conversions overnight, but by viewing this list I hope you’re a large step closer to finding the best theme for your needs!

Once you’ve selected the theme, it’s time to build your landing page and start driving traffic!

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