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How to Improve LinkedIn SEO for Company Pages in 2023

LinkedIn is a social platform used to find relevant connections and companies. Like Google, Linkedin has a search engine, which recommends the most relevant pages based on the query. It’s crucial to optimize LinkedIn SEO for company pages to rank highly in the search results.

What is Linkedin SEO?

LinkedIn SEO is the process of optimizing a page or profile to improve its visibility and ranking for specific keywords. These keywords help LinkedIn recommend products, services and connections based on their relevance. To improve your ranking in the search results, there are two primary strategies: on-page and off-page Linkedin SEO.

Why Optimize Linkedin SEO for Company Pages?

By optimizing LinkedIn SEO for company pages, you’ll improve your search ranking. This generates more traffic to your LinkedIn page, which can be converted into leads by following the strategy in this article!

How to Find Linkedin SEO Keywords

Before we dive into the types of SEO, it’s important to determine which keywords are relevant to you or your company. To do this, consider what your target audience is searching for. 

For example, if you sell web design services, you may want to appear under searches for “web design expert”. If you promote beard oil, you may target the “beard oil supplement” keyword.

Once you’ve found your target keywords, it’s time to begin implementing them and optimizing your profile!

On-Page LinkedIn SEO

The easiest way to show up for specific search results is to include your target keywords in your page and content! By telling LinkedIn what you offer and who you serve, they’ll be more likely to recommend you to those users. This can be done using a number of strategies:

Use Keywords on your Page

On-Page Linkedin SEO focuses on optimizing your page or profile by including relevant keywords in the:

  • Name
  • Tagline
  • Industry
  • Description
  • Specialties

By including your keywords in these sections, you can immediately gain more exposure to specific search terms!

Share Relevant & Engaging Content

By creating a consistent and relevant content strategy, LinkedIn is more likely to recommend your page and content to others. This is because it helps LinkedIn understand what value you provide and who is interested in it. By creating a relevant and engaging content strategy, you can boost your ranking in the search results.

Off-Page Linkedin SEO

The biggest determinant, outside of including relevant keywords, is Off-Page Linkedin SEO. Linkedin also takes into account factors outside of your profile. This includes the users who you engage with, users who engage with you, and pages that link to yours.

Engage in Relevant Groups

LinkedIn also takes into account the engagement of your profile. By being active in relevant communities, you’ll receive more engagement, which tells LinkedIn to recommend your page and content more frequently. 

LinkedIn Group

Build Reputable Backlinks 

When LinkedIn sees numerous sources linking to your profile, it builds authority within your niche. Backlinks can come from numerous sources, including forums, blogs, social media or nearly any other website. By generating links from reputable sources, LinkedIn will be more likely to promote your content and page.

Invite Users within Your Niche

When users within your target demographic follow you, LinkedIn will view your page as more relevant to similar users. To do this, you can connect with LinkedIn users and send them an invite to follow your page. 

Getting Started with LinkedIn SEO for Company Pages

Now that you understand the types of LinkedIn SEO, as well as their contributing factors, it’s time to get started. Head over to LinkedIn to create your profile and begin with on-page SEO. 

Once you’ve created an optimized profile and put together a powerful content strategy, begin off-page SEO strategies to begin building your audience. As you do this, LinkedIn will identify the relevant keywords and boost your ranking on their search engine.

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